Members’ News – November

1.) FITT – Timiș County Youth Foundation Elan ELAN is a project that wants to provide,…
Published on Oct. 30, 2020

1.) FITT – Timiș County Youth Foundation


ELAN is a project that wants to provide, through cultural initiatives, the space and context necessary for young people in the neighbourhoods of Timisoara to make their voices heard. The project is implemented by the Timiș County Youth Foundation, together with Pokret Gorana Vojvodine (Serbia) and the Diogenes Cultural Association (Romania and ANIBAR (Kosovo).

The project will be divided into three areas: Youth for a Sustainable Future, Civic Shots and Participatory Art in Neighborhoods. The projects will involve guided tours, interviews, art installations, an advocacy campaign and short performances at the community level.


Analogic is a cultural project implemented by Timis County Youth Foundation (FITT), a project that aims to connect the people of Timisoara with the program Timisoara – European Capital of Culture, through artistic expression and cultural interaction at the community level in unconventional areas or spaces.

The main activities within the project are related to organising innovative exhibitions involving national and international artists, creating projections with live sound, organizing info-exhibitions with analogic objects in the city, micro-exhibitions in the youth centres and the main exhibition with analogical objects in the Youth House of Timisoara and creating co-productions of the national and international guest artists.


2.) Fabrika Tbilisi

Meet Our New Resident – Magnolia Film Lab

The technicians at Magnolia Film Lab are masters of calculus, rock climbing, and a number of other disciplines. But you have to see what they can do with film photography!

These photo wizards will transform your shots into digital files and amaze you with your own photos.
Here your negatives will be printed beautifully and professionally. They will also help you to take the first steps in film photography, choosing film and producing beautiful prints. If you still have not seen what Magnolia is cooking in the dark room, be sure to knock on the door, because this is where the magic happens.


CES Records Presenting Natela Svanidze’s Unique Recording from 1974

CES Records is fortunate enough to present Natela Svanidze, along with the release, for the very first time, of her unique recording from 1974 on Synthi-100.

Natela Svanidze (1926 – 2017) was an Honored Art Worker and one of the most distinguished Georgian composers, whose creations have not been explored and praised sufficiently to this day. The key period of the artist’s comprehensive work coincided with Soviet times, resulting in a variety of impediments—both in the creative and personal realms of her life.


Industrial Heritage Research of Tbilisi

Our resident MUA (Multiverse Architecture team) has initiated the Research of Industrial Heritage of Tbilisi and has been exploring the industrial sites of Tbilisi over the last few months!

At the end of October, The Exhibition of Tbilisi Industrial Heritage will be held, accompanied by lectures around the same topic until the end of November.


3.) Communitism

Communitism is happy to announce the launch of its first Erasmus+ project ( KA1- Adult education). The project is titled “Empowering communities of Greece with knowledge on sustainable practices of commoning in housing and use of space.” The simplified title is “Co-housing Athens.” In collaboration with the Greek association, Ethos, and the Greek Housing Network , 18 participants will visit Invole e.V. in Potsdam, Germany, during 2021, in order to receive training through structured courses and job shadowing opportunities in sustainable practices on collective habitation of buildings.



The doors are open, the jubilation and relief are great and the house is finally a social house again.

On Thursday, 15 October, and Friday, 16 October, six events took place. We were able to welcome 60 guests per event. Many of the people involved in this project have supported STRAZE for years. This opening would not have been possible without the volunteers, supporters and organisations that contributed so much for it to become a reality. The opening program was held on 15 October and will continue until 1 November.

At this point, it should be pointed out that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the hygiene rules are observed and a mouth and nose cover must be worn in the house. Registration is required to attend a tour or event.

In spite of adverse circumstances, STRAZE cordially invites you to join in, to attend concerts, theater performances, workshops, the café, kabutze, druckkammer, the hall and exhibitions. All are welcome to join.


5.) Pro Ropodi Art Centre

From the 5th until the 10th of October, Pro Rodopi Art Centre managed to organize live performances! The 9th edition of Adults Forbidden Performing Arts Festival for children and youngsters in Smolyan (as well as 20 towns and villages across the Rhodopes mountains in Bulgaria). Even though performances by Bulgarian companies have been limited this year, the quality of talent was as high as it has ever been. 12 professional theatre and dance shows for kids and young people, along with one film, were presented with over 30 shows altogether. Audience levels were reduced to 50% and masks were obligatory. Theatre is magic!


6.) Arts Printing House

As contemporary circus is still an emerging art form in Lithuania, we want to support and help our artists in any way possible. Therefore, at the end of November, the Arts Printing House is organizing an online showcase for Lithuanian contemporary circus artists. We have 7 shows in total, if you would be interested in receiving more info about the upcoming showcase, please write me an email (