Members’ News – December

1.) Non Riservato THE SHOWCASE: Non Reserved AIR (Artist in Residence) A project by Non…
Published on Dec. 2, 2020

1.) Non Riservato

THE SHOWCASE: Non Reserved AIR (Artist in Residence)

A project by Non Riservato, led by project manager/curator Rossana Ciocca in collaboration with Vittorio Corsini. The project will run in conjunction with the light and color installation “Light Mood”.

Artists and residency period:

Paolo Manfredi / 13 – 19 July — Andrea Como e Michela Zanini / 20 – 26 July — Lucia Amitrani / 27 July — 2 August

Ying Donglin e Zhu Yaning / 3 – 9 August — Marta Galbusera e Chiara Ponti / 24 – 30 August — Yasmine Chiboub / 31 August – 6 September

Quaviva / 14 – 27 September — Elene Campus e Benedetta Lucca / 28 September – 4 ottobre — Francesca Frigerio e Nicola Rossini / 5 – 11 September

Urban space stories

16 young artists from the Brera Academy of Arts have been hosted in residence at Non Riservato’s headquarters. They listened, watched and mapped the area surrounding the window displays via Paisiello 5, expanding the space between their own visions and the city.


2.) Studio ALTA

Cultural center Studio ALTA in Prague announces three open calls for the year 2021:

Fellow inhabitants: Click Here

Cultural and community public events: Click Here

Residencies for professional artists: Click Here

The deadline is Dec 31, 2020.

Help us bring this part of the building back to life and become a part of this exceptional place!


3.) CulturePolis

“Project Lazaretta: Digital Stories from the Old and the New World”

Invitation to Artists: Lazaretta of Syros and Lazaretta of Corfu are two of the most important buildings of their kind in the Mediterranean, old exile buildings with love, fear and death stories to inspire contemporary digital artists.
The past is influenced by the current global pandemic, and is transformed into the present through contemporary digital art and the experiences of the artists themselves.

CulturePolis, in cooperation with Eye’s Walk Digital Art Festival, launched “Project Lazaretta,” supported by the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports with CulturePolis as the beneficiary and Cinesthesia (founder of Eyes’ Walk Digital Festival) as the artistic collaborator.

Submission deadline 20th December 2020, at

For More Details: Click Here


4.) Belarus Free Theatre

Belarus Free Theatre (BFT) brings art onto the streets of Minsk in support of the pro-democracy movement in Belarus. Brave citizens of Belarus have been beaten and jailed, including BFT members, but the spirit of pro-democracy protests is unyielding. Every night, despite the sub-zero temperature, people gather in their courtyards to share news and meals, as well as a sense of unity. In support of the movement and as a symbol of solidarity, BFT brings theatre into courtyards, showing extracts from BFT’s best shows and leading post-show discussions that help to preserve the spark of resistance against the brutal force of the authoritarian regime. The courtyard actions and events have become a prime example of direct-democracy in Belarus.


5.) Hablarenarte


Open call for a 3-month curatorial research residency in Madrid and Barcelona addressed to curators and researchers, either Spanish or living in Spain. This fully funded three-month curatorial research residency will take place from January to March 2021.

Encura is a research residency program that aims to promote, expand and problematize curatorial research processes by bringing the artistic contexts of Barcelona and Madrid closer together, as well as encouraging and enabling curatorial outcomes that do not result in conventional exhibition projects.


for, by, with: cultural policies and children

Through this video-essay focused on the city of Madrid, we want to defend the importance of building non-adult-centered participation and decision mechanisms within the cultural spaces that we share. During the Urban Exploration of Madrid, we have designed a collective diagram of cultural policies for, by and with childhood.


6.) Straze

After opening a new venue in northeast Germany in October, only to immediately close down again, we hosted our very first no-audience show. A showcase with the up-and-coming jazz/triphop label Fox Lane Music. we turned it into a radio show, broadcast by the local independent channel radio 98eins via air and YouTube.

We discussed human rights and arts, borders and empty promises of solidarity and producing music in times of digital abundance.

While we bitterly miss having an audience in the venue, it was still so much more than nothing. Thanks to everyone involved!


7.) MottAttoM

Physical event

In order to survive culturally, we spontaneously organise exhibitions in the wardrobe–“expositions dans le placard” at MottAttoM. We believe wardrobe exhibitions don’t fall under recent restrictions. For the moment, we allow a maximum of five visitors at a time and remain flexible. Each exhibition lasts one day.

This is great fun and a nicely restricted way of staying in touch with the meaning of our work. If other artists in the TEH network are interested in joining, please contact

A Call for Artists: Wardrobe Exhibitions at MottAttoM (Geneva)


Call for mail art

28 June – 31 August, projetM @MottattoM presents the 4th international mail art exhibition.

No restrictions.

Deadline: 24 of June

Three artworks will receive a special prize. We would gladly welcome submissions from TEH artists. (Please leave a note on the submitted artwork stating that you are a part of the network.)