Member’s News – April/May

1. Fabrika Tbilisi Exhibition  April was good for Fabrika Tbilisi. They decided to create a…
Published on May 5, 2021

1. Fabrika Tbilisi


April was good for Fabrika Tbilisi. They decided to create a space  where art students and recent graduates could exhibit their works. The centre collaborated with VA[A]DS ( School of Visual Arts, Architecture and Design/Free University) and organised three different exhibitions. Most of the works were created last year and reflect those weird times and our perception of it. 

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2. Associazione Oltre…

Associazione Oltre… is  participating in the staff exchange program of  DISCE – Developing Inclusive & Sustainable Creative Economies project! Their staff member Mian Waqas, originally from Pakistan, is an incredibly talented tailor & costumist. He will travel to  Manifatture Knos (Lecce, Italy) –  an independent international cultural centre – whose activities include cultural events, research, training and production with  total artistic freedom and organisational autonomy. The topics of the exchange are communication, ‘how to create and renovate a cultural centre’ and urban regeneration.

The centre is also working on a 30+ workshop program in open spaces like parks, courtyards, greenways, community gardens and “piazze” all over the city of Bologna. The aim is  to give life to and create the Parade – “The song of the whale” – for children of all ages and their chaperons. To create a breeding ground for youngsters who become protagonists of their own realization by participating in the workshops that precede the parade that will take over the city at the end of June!

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Cooperations from Luxemburg launched their open-air-season on 24 April with two indie concerts.



Digital Workshop on solidarity in collaboration, developed in the framework of the RESHAPE project

May 2021, 10:30am – 1:00pm CET online

During this workshop, we will test ‘The Gamified Workshop Toolkit’, which is a card game that is especially designed for teams from different cultures, backgrounds, or personal situations, who are just beginning their collaboration. 

The cards give participants the chance to express what values are important to them in their collaboration, to understand how others think and what is important and necessary to work together. Through these conversations, people involved in the collaboration have the chance to recognise and identify mechanisms that, although often invisible, cause tensions and difficulties. It helps teams to develop their own framework of values that support solidarity. The game also gives a chance to get to know each other through the discussed values before to embark on the design and/or implementation of their project.

Working language of the session: English

This workshop is organised by Flanders Arts Institute (Brussels), Pogon  (Zagreb) and Ettijahat – Independent Culture (Lebanon).

‘The Gamified Workshop Toolkit’ was developed by Anikó Rácz, Doreen Toutikian, and Dorota Ogrodzka.


5. Bakelit Multi Art Center

Bakelit are excited about preparing a unique event…

Anniversary Online Performance Series

– retrospective –

… because they have JUBILEE in 2021!

20 years ago, the artists of the L1 Association slammed into the area of ​​today’s Bakelit Multi Art Center, and this way their collaboration that resulted in a venue connecting the two organisations began 20 years ago. They hope they can continue for a long time.

The centre will  celebrate the anniversary with a series of retrospective, anniversary online performances and look back, recall, remember, relive the moments.

If you saw the performances from the past years, it will surely be good to recall them; and if you did not see them, you can now make up for it.

The list of screenings is constantly expanding at

Join the centre at publicly announced screenings where you can support the collaboration between L1 Association and Bakelit MAC and the continuation of working together by selecting an online ticket price. You can surprise yourselves each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday when the performances can be viewed 24 hours a day, starting at 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. the next day.


Saskia RUDAT (D) brainjogging ONLINE in the frame of ANNIVERSARY ONLINE PERFORMANCE SERIES – retrospective -:

Discussion with the creator:


6. Diemerstudios

Lab Immersive is the new workplace for immersive theatre makers in the Netherlands. Producers Ton Offerman and Danny van Zuijlen have together with Micha Wijngaarde joined forces and created a development place for the most innovative form of theatre. In diemerstudios in Diemen, near Amsterdam, a home has been created for young, talented young makers.

Immersive theater has already taken off quite a bit internationally but is fairly new in The Netherlands. In short, it links storytelling with gaming elements.

Visitors become participants in a performance because they are actively challenged and choose their own storyline. You are literally immersed in your own unique theater experience. Especially young adults (18-35 years old) will be addressed by this interactive, immersive form.

Lab Immersief allows young, talented makers to interact with each other and 

develop immersive productions. They are supported in their process by experienced theatre makers, producers, game designers, scenographers, VR and AR producers and communication professionals so that they can expand their expertise, and develop and exchange experiences.

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7. CADS/ Tickets for Good

Tickets for Good initiative has partnered with the NHS England and Improvement to give free and discounted tickets to some of the UK’s most exciting events as a thank you for their amazing work during the pandemic. 

You can read more about it here: