Host a TEH meeting in 2026!

We are looking for TEH members willing to host our meetings in 2026

Published on May 17, 2024

Why should you host a TEH meeting?

Our bi-annual meetings are at the core of what we do and who we are. They are our flagship events, where we can share our ideas with each other and with the world. They are also a big breather, allowing us to recharge, and be inspired. They are the nurturer of the TEH spirit: this is where all connections start and magic happens.

Hosting a TEH meeting is a big undertaking but is also quite a fun adventure to embark on. Both TEH Spring Conference and TEH Camp Meeting are a collaboration and co-creation between TEH coordination office and a full and active member of the network.

A few details

Starting from 2025, we will adapt the format of our meetings: the annual Spring Conference will adopt an outward-looking format, allowing to share the work of our network with external stakeholders, and invite external speakers, partners, to interact and exchange with our members. It will remain a public event open to all.

The annual Fall Camp Meeting will have a new, reduced format, and will be dedicated to members and associates only, with workshop-based activities, project building, hubs meetings.

We are looking for hosts for:

  • TEH101 Conference - Spring 2026
  • TEH102 Camp Meeting - Autumn 2026

  • To be an active member of the network (minimum of three-year membership at TEH for the Spring Conference, and two years for the Camp Meeting, with a track record of regular and active participation in TEH meetings, activities, hubs and/or projects)
  • To have the capacity and resources to organise an international four-day professional gathering of between 300 to 400 participants for the Spring Conference and between 100 to 200 participants for the Fall Camp Meeting.

This includes:

  • To be a FULL Member of TEH
  • Accessible venue and premises
  • A dedicated programming and production team
  • Staff and volunteers
  • Finances and funding opportunities
  • Local, regional and national connections

How to submit your application

If you are interested in being a TEH meeting host for a Spring conference or a camp meeting, please fill in the form below.

Deadline to apply is 11 August 2023.

The ExComm will review all applications between 14-21 August.

Apply here

Have a question?

If you need more information to make a decision, please reach out to Erika Haxhi, our Project Manager and Event Coordinator, to receive the Host toolkit to help you make your mind!