Duct Tape and Dreams 2024 Edition

Application round for 2024 edition of our mentoring programme “Duct Tape and Dreams” is open!

Published on Dec. 14, 2023

Programme for Young Creative Collectives

Running a space for art and culture is never easy but can be especially challenging in the first years. Our ideas and passion often clash against tough reality and bureaucratic hustle. All we wish for is some guidance, a roadmap on how to navigate those exciting and challenging years and secure a more sustainable future for our centres!

Duct Tape and Dreams is a hands-on mentoring and capacity building programme for emerging artistic collectives. It brings young and committed creatives on a nine-month developmental journey, providing them with necessary tools and expertise to build a sustainable future in the independent cultural sector.

Focus on former ECOC cities!

In 2024, we particularly welcome grassroots, youth-led initiatives in former European Capital Cities of Culture (ECoC) or ECOC candidate cities.


The details

European Capital Cities of Culture (ECoC) are great programs, rich of opportunities for cities to highlight and levarage their cultural assets and uniqueness on the European scene. For 1 year, these European cities vibrate: their artists and cultural workers travel and collaborate, and their territories and communities become exceptionally visible. What happens afterwards is less talked about. There are huge successes, driving long lasting effects, and more mitigated results, where cultural organisations, programmes and projects do not survive the momentum.

As a European Cultural network often partnering with or advising ECoC's, Trans Europe Halles will focus its Duct Tape And Dreams program in 2024 to work with grassroots, youth and/or minority-led organisations in former ECoC's or ECoC candidate cities to keep them surfing on the momentum and help them on their journey to the sustainable future.

  • A tailored coaching from a peer organisation who has gone through the same process in the past and has similar interest
  • A possibility to have a curated workshop at your centre based on your needs
  • Travel support to visit the mentor’s centre to gain hands-on experience and knowledge
  • Visibility through a programme publication featuring all participants
  • Travel and accommodation support to attend TEH conference in Tartu with 350+ creatives
  • Access to a vibrant and diverse community of like-minded kick starters from across Europe and beyond
  • A possibility to win The Phillipe Grombeer Award!

  • Feb – Online introduction Q&A session hosted by TEH where participants get to meet each other and their future mentors
  • Feb - Official start of the mentorship program: mentor & mentee get to know each other & co-design mentorship process
  • Feb-March – A scoping visit by a mentor to your centre to carry out a detailed needs analysis
  • March-Sep – A tailored online coaching (one hour every two weeks)
  • April-Aug – A short visit to the mentor’s centre
  • June – Presentation at TEH Conference in Tartu where you get to meet other TEH members
  • Sep-Oct –Finalisation of the mentoring and delivery of short evaluation report
  • Oct – The winner of the Philippe Grombeer Award comes to TEH Camp Meeting in Greece for the award ceremony.

  • You are not a TEH member or associate yet
  • You are based in one of the ECoC, including Marseille, Košice, Riga, Umeå, Mons, Plzeň, Wrocław, Aarhus, Paphos, Paphos, Leeuwarden, Valletta, Matera, Plovdiv, Rijeka, Galway, Kaunas, Esch-sur-Alzette, Novi Sad, Veszprém, Timisoara, Eleusis, San Sebastián, Bad Ischl.
  • Up-&-coming creative space (2 years or less) led by youth, underrepresented communities, refugees, advocacy and civil society groups
  • You are legally established as an organisation
  • You are repurposing a building for arts and culture
  • You have a legal agreement – or in negotiation – with the owner of the space about its future use
  • You are motivated and have capacity to actively participate in the programme and all its activities.

If your cultural centre is one of the four lucky ones selected for 2024 edition of the mentorship program, you commit to:

  • Actively participate and engaged in the program.
  • Present your centre to TEH members during the next TEH conference in 2024.
  • Deliver a short-written evaluation about the process, including visual documentation.
  • Option to join Trans Europe Halles network as a full members or/associate.

Your application will be evaluated after the call is closed by the program’s selection committee. It includes five international experts selected among our member centres, our Executive Committee and the staff of our Coordination Office. We will announce the results after the call is closed.

Meet your future mentors!

MD of Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde
Mentor DTAD-Elefterios

Elefterios Kechagioglou

Elefterios Kechagioglou is the director of TEH member Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde - Centre Culturel de Rencontre (since 2007). He is an expert on artistic, cultural and urban policies in disadvantaged areas, European programs and intercultural dialogue. He started a career in circus, theatre and writing, working as an artist, trainer and stage director. He also worked with several theatres, circus schools, professional companies and public administration (Ministries of Culture and Foreign Affairs). During the last 15 years, he has been developing several artistic projects focusing on their social impact.

Board member of Kanepes Centre

Kaspars Kondratjuks

Kaspars Kondratjuks is a professional in the cultural and creative sector, with a rich background in event management and IT. He has been a board member of the NGO Kaņepes Contemporary Culture Centre since 2019, providing affordable cultural programs, and the NGO Festivāls Komēta since 2016, promoting social development through culture and informal educational methods. In addition, Kaspars has a notable history as a DJ, having performed at the notable Essential Club Riga and created electronic music programs on local radios.


Have a question?

If you have a question about the programme or application, please contact our Members Relations Manager!