Call for Hosts for TEH Meetings in 2024

The annual meetings are at the core of Trans Europe Halles network activities. They are…
Published on July 14, 2022

The annual meetings are at the core of Trans Europe Halles network activities. They are the flagships of our work to third parties and foster the community value of being a TEH member.  

Both TEH Spring Conference and TEH Camp Meeting are a collaboration and co-creation between TEH coordination office and an active and trustworthy member of the network.  The concept and the program of those events reflect both local-regional-international issues and TEH member challenges. 

For 2024 the call is open for both the Conference and the Camp Meeting. 

Application Process

  • 14, July 2022 – Call opens
  • 10, Aug 2022 – Call closes
  • August Board pre-select candidates
  • 24 Sep, 2022 – Members select candidates at General Assembly

The Executive Committee will select the hosts and propose its selection to the members at the General Assembly in Not Quite Fengersfors 2022.


  • To be an active member of the network (minimum of three-year membership at TEH for the Spring Conference, and of two-year one for the Camp Meeting, with regular and active participation in meetings and conferences)
  • To have the capacity and resources to organise an international four-day professional gathering between 300 to 400 participants for Spring Conference and between 100 to 200 participants for Camp Meeting.

This includes: 

  • Accessible venue and premises
  • Staff and volunteers
  • Finances and funding opportunities
  • Local, regional and national connections



Please fill in the form here not later than 10 August 2022.


Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information (