Zmina. Rebuilding

Creativity often appears as a chaotic and non-linear process. However, creative industries, with creativity and innovation at their core, exhibit superior abilities in handling critical situations compared to other sectors. And this includes situations like war.

Funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union and implemented by IZOLYATSIA (Ukraine), Malý Berlín (Slovakia) and TEH (Sweden), ZMINA: Rebuilding is a project aimed to support Ukrainian artists and cultural organisations in creating and exhibiting artwork in both Ukraine and Creative Europe countries. Through independent work or both national and international partnerships, they will receive 1.4 mln EUR in sub-grants to develop new work that facilitates, promotes or mediates the theme of “rebuilding” - whether it is rebuilding identity, social norms, communities, relationships or infrastructure.

ZMINA aims to harness the power of art, culture and creativity to actively address wartime resilience and post-war recovery in Ukraine through innovative means. Also, ZMINA seeks to establish a bridge between Ukrainian and European cultural and creative contexts, fostering a shared foundation for the present and the future considering Ukraine’s accession to the EU.

To achieve this, ZMINA places a strong emphasis on international connections and ensuring high visibility for the sub-granted projects among both Ukrainian and European audiences. Through ZMINA's support, Ukrainian applicants will have the opportunity to develop knowledge and capacity for cross-border collaboration and international engagement.

ZMINA: Rebuilding is on and running

  • National projects within Ukraine: 
    Wave 1  is open for proposals in July 2023, 
    Wave 2  is open for proposals in December 2023.
  • International cooperation projects between Ukrainian and European partners:  
    Wave 1 is open for proposals in September 2023  
    Wave 2  is open for proposals in February 2024.

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