(SPOTing) Spaces of Transformation in Arts Education

Led by TEH, SPOTing brought together arts educators from 8 European cultural centers, to strengthen the field of arts education in Europe. This project aimed to stimulate professional development and knowledge exchange in arts education. It also supported professionals and evaluated practices through participatory action-research.

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About this Initiative

In 2020, TEH was granted funding through the EU’s Erasmus+ programme for the project Spaces of Transformation in Arts Education (SPOTing). The project lasted for three years (Sept 2020-Aug 2023) and consisted of a consortium with eight TEH members with TEH Coordination Office as lead partner.

The aim

To strengthen the participating arts educators in their profession and to critically reflect on methods and ways of working in order to develop and strengthen cultural pedagogy as a field internationally. Researcher, Sheelah Colclough, facilitated a ‘participatory action-research' process (PAR) and followed the project partners progress throughout the project. Sheelagh concluded the research results which has been presented shared in the form of case studies, through a programme report and several dissemination events.

Project objectives

  1. Share and test innovative approaches in relation to reaching children and young people facing different barriers from participating in the arts – whether through disabilities, intercultural or interfaith differences, language barriers, social or economic issues.
  2. Be a catalyst for cooperation between the participating centres so that the knowledge transfer is put into concrete action.
  3. Work closely with a researcher who will create case studies and support the exploration and development of evaluation methods and practices that will benefit the field of arts education.


Trans Europe Halles


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Truc Spherique

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Contact person

Marcus Lampe

Marcus Lampe

Covering for Hanna Olsson (on maternity leave)