(EUREKA) European Urban Regenerators Knowledge Alliance

Co-designing a training that responds to real-life challenges of urban transformation


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The details

Our vision was to champion an alternative approach to urban planning, one that opposes the conventional top-down model in favor of a more citizen-driven paradigm. Our mission: ensure that urbanists design cities with the well-being of their inhabitants at the forefront. Simultaneously, we aspired to tackle contemporary urban challenges, including housing shortages, overpopulation, gentrification, and criminalization.

  • A practice-based training that meets job market demands
  • A supportive community of peers across Europe
  • New tools, methods and processes to improve our cities
  • A growing knowledge base on urban planning and regeneration
  • An innovative and problem-oriented research
  • Empowered youth ready to bring a real-life change¬†

Training: we are actively engaged in co-designing a training program meticulously tailored to address real-world challenges within urban environments. Our idea is clear: to equip youth with the essential skills and tools needed to drive inclusivity and sustainability in our cities.

Research: we are doing the research around current needs, skills and knowledge necessary for the emerging profile of urban innovator.

Network: one of our biggest aspirations is to build a community of like-minded peers and to stimulate future collaborations and projects.

To breathe life into our vision, we embraced an innovative participatory learning approach known as Urban Living Labs. Across four cities, this method allowed students to grapple with authentic urban challenges in their local communities. It afforded them the opportunity to engage with residents, stakeholders, explore physical spaces, test various scenarios, and receive expert guidance and feedback.

Our collective knowledge and new insights that have been gained during these three years resulted in a series of learning materials and publications - all great assets for anyone willing to learn more about urban innovation:

  • Six Urban Stories podcasts
  • 11 Webinars
  • Two publications

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TEH representative

Communications Officer

Volha Rudak

I work on the project on behalf of TEH and coordinated the communications. My main responsibility was to ensure that the project get well-deserved attention in the sector and its results and outputs reach the right audience.