Cultural Transformation Movement Hub

Cultural Transformation Movement (CTM) is an alliance of multidisciplinary art centres, production houses, and cultural organisations committed to cultural transformation and diversification of all components of the creative process. The urgency stems from a clear need to address growing inequalities in arts and cultural sectors in Europe and within the societies we serve at large. We aim to highlight our efforts toward communities that are underrepresented, marginalised, excluded, and do not have equal access to the resources to actualise their creative and professional potential. Through our dedicated work, we are committed to examining the drivers of growing inequalities, ‘othering’. The norm-critical approach is at the heart of our work, and our commitment to enhancing social justice entails, in broad terms, that, apart from Trans Europe Halles members, we welcome other cultural networks and concerned organisations to join us on different levels.

  1. Alte Feuerwache Köln (DE)
  2. Associazione Oltre (IT)
  3. Beat Carnival (IR)
  4. Brunnenpassage (AT)
  5. Gents Kunsten Overleg (BE)
  7. Kulturzentrum Schlachthof (DE)
  8. Les Halles de Schaerbeek (BE)
  9. Le plus petit cirque du monde PPCM (FR)
  10. Fix In Art (GR)
  11. Future Arts Centers Network/the Albany (UK)
  12. Friche la Belle de Mai (FR)
  13. Village Underground (GB)
  14. MelkWeg (NL)
  15. Nová Cvernovka (SK)
  17. Zō centro culture contemporanee (IT)
  18. TEH
  19. TOU Scene (NO)
  20. Nova Cvernovka
  21. OliveArte
  22. Chris Keulemans

Movement Objectives

  • Develop the capacity of our movement members to enable a transformation from inside to reflect their belief in social justice.
  • Grow and transnationally interconnect a new generation of diverse leaders who belong to underrepresented communities (URCs).
  • Share knowledge and good practices among movement members.
  • Diversify artistic productions and motivate our members to challenge the status quo and take action.
  • Advocate for social justice and take action on strategic and implementation/operational levels.