TEH Camp Meeting 96 in Tbilisi

After the turbulent years we have experienced on political, economic, ecological, and social fronts, we recognize the critical need to pause, unite, and embark on a journey of introspection and collective dialogue—a journey focused on the imperative act of REBOOTING.

TEH Camp Meeting #96 – REBOOT!

After the turbulent years we have experienced on political, economic, ecological, and social fronts, we believe it is essential to take a pause, gather together, and engage in introspection and collective dialogue on how we can REBOOT.

About the host

Fabrika Tbilisi, a former Soviet sewing factory reborn as a cultural haven, seamlessly merges artist studios, educational institutions, co-working spaces, a hostel, cafes, bars, and a spacious courtyard for gatherings. Fabrika has swiftly emerged as the central hub for both local and international communities across diverse cultural industries.

About the country

Nestled in the heart of the Caucasus, Georgia, a captivating country bridging Europe and Asia, beckons travelers with a tapestry of fascinating landmarks, multicultural diversity, delectable cuisine, exquisite wines, and a burgeoning arts and music scene. While the TEH meeting is reason enough to visit Tbilisi, don't miss the other delights that await: culinary delights, world-class wines, a thriving art scene, vibrant music venues and events, warm October weather, the harvest season, and, above all, the promise of endless fun!

Remember to set aside extra vacation days to explore this multicultural and diverse country, partake in the harvest festivities near Tbilisi, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Georgia's culture and landscapes.

Impressions of the meeting

TEH 96 Camp Meeting, Tbilisi, Georgia

Practice Information

Early Birds are SOLD OUT NOW!

  • Ticket Regular Fees For TEH Members – 140 EUR
  • Regular Fees For Guests – 170 EUR


Travel to Tbilisi can require a bit of planning, that is why we recommend you take care of it as soon as possible. Please, check out the TRAVEL & ACCOMMODATION GUIDE that we have made for you! Fabrika team have gathered the best routes to come to Georgia as well as tips on some budget accommodation and general information about the country!

If you have any questions, please contact teh@fabrikatbilisi.com / events@teh.net.