TEH Camp Meeting 92

We are happy to announce that next TEH Camp Meeting will take place in Bratislava, Slovakia

We are happy to announce that next TEH Camp Meeting will take place in Bratislava, Slovakia on 7-10 October, hosted by Nová Cvernovka. We all hope for the situation to be promising and that we will all meet, network & enjoy a drink together.  We are working on this together with other local TEH members – Malý Berlín and A4, so there will be plenty to see.   

The main topic of the event will be TRUST. Trust in democracy, trust in institutions, trust between people, but also trust in oneself has been significantly weakened in recent years. European societies are after pandemic even more divided than anytime before and this polarisation is constantly deepening. However, creative and cultural centres could play crucial role in restoring trust.  

Impressions from the meeting

TEH#92 Camp Meeting Bratislava


As mentioned above, the program of TEH Camp Meeting will be examining 3 types of TRUST: > TRUST YOURSELF >> TRUST SOCIETY >>> TRUST FUTURE


Photos from the event

We are very happy with how the event went and would love to thank everyone for joining.


Travel and Accommodation

We have created a Travel and Accommodations Manual for you where you can find latest updates on Covid-19 travel rules, best travel options and some affordable accommodation suggestions.

Just one small detail, if you are still non vaccinated, please email us at events@teh.net so we can see how we can help you with travel arrangements.


To enter Slovakia, you need to fill in this online form in advance!

If you are landing at Bratislava airport you also need to fill in this online form + have PCR test not older than 72 hours from sampling if flying from countries not listed here. (scroll down to approximately middle of the website to see the list).

To enter Slovakia without the need to quarantine you need to:

  1. be vaccinated = 14 days after second dose of the two dose vaccines / 21 days after first dose of the one dose vaccines / 14 days after first dose of any vaccine if the dose was applied within 180 days after positive test for COVID /
  2. have permanent/temporary residence in one of the EU countries or Switzerland, Norway, Island or Lichtenstein + have a contract for work/performance in Slovakia + have PCR test not older than 7 days.

Stay tuned 

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About the host

Nová Cvernovka is a cultural and creative center managed by the Cvernovka Foundation – located on the premises of a former chemical school in Bratislava.

Operates a multifunctional venue, an outdoor terrace and a podium, film and photography studio, community garden, playground and houses co-working space, public library, artist-in-residence program, and 132 art and creative studios.
Provides a broad-spectrum of cultural and educational programs within music, visual arts, literature, film, performing arts and multi-genre activities that enrich the palette of Bratislava’s cultural scene with different formats of events.