TEH Camp Meeting 88

On 16-20 October 2019, TEH Member AMBASADA will host TEH88 Camp Meeting.

On 16-20 October 2019, TEH Member AMBASADA will host TEH88 Camp Meeting.

What are we going to talk about this fall?! The theme of the next meeting is GROW(?)(!).

The pressure for growth is felt at every stage, whether it is personal, organisational or community-related. We’re being constantly told that growth is something we need to pursue in order to evolve and succeed. Yet, is it always good to aim for growth? When should we strive for it and when should we choose not to? Fear of missing out vs. balance, opportunity vs. stability – there is no right or wrong, rather what suits us best. This October, we will be exploring these topics and finding solutions together!

Our agenda focuses on the following three sub-themes:

  • Personal growth
  • Organisational growth
  • Community growth

Impressions of the meeting

TEH Camp Meeting 88. AMBASADA

Genaral details


AMBASADA is a multi-functional cultural and resource centre striving to appeal to both the independent cultural sector as well as to the corporate one as an alternative space for learning and inspiring employees. It is the first cultural re-conversion of an industrial site in Timisoara that offers both a coffee and a training, inspiring sessions, concerts and live-public music rehearsals, movie night, artistic installations and much more. It also provides its infrastructure free of cost to local cultural initiatives in order to support them. You can read more about the centre here.


Timisoara is Romania’s third-largest city and one of the country’s most attractive urban areas. It is built around a series of beautifully restored public squares, lavish parks and gardens. Apart from its historical and architectural value, the city is also praised for a vibrant cultural life as it is home to year-round musical and theatrical performances, various art galleries and museums. In September 2016, Timisoara was selected as the European Capital of Culture for 2021.


Regular rate 

TEH Member & Associate from Balkan(s) and local community: 90€
TEH Member & Associate: 135€
Non-member: 160€

Balkan(s): Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Kosovo, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria

If you are from the Balkan region and you need accommodation support, let us know via the registration form and we will contact you.


Timisoara is situated in the Western part of Romania, close to the Hungarian and Serbian borders. You can get quite easily there. We’ve listed several alternative routes for travelling to Timisoara. You can read more about them HERE.

We have also prepared a list of recommended hotels for you. Please, keep in mind that it’s better to book your accommodation as early as possible.

Some of the activities on Friday are taking place within the framework of Developing Inclusive & Sustainable Creative Economies project, funded by the European Commission under the Horizon2020 Programme.

Some of the activities on Saturday are taking place within Factories of Imagination project, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.