TEH Conference 95 in Leipzig

TEH Conference 95, Leipzig, Germany, at Moritzbastei


TEH Conference 95 will take place in Leipzig, Germany, between 8-11 June 2023 and will be hosted by Moritzbastei in collaboration with HALLE14 – Centre for Contemporary Art


How do art and cultural work respond to the ongoing transformation processes in Europe and the world? Migration, digitalisation, climate change, war and crisis of resources are challenging everyone of us. How do we deal with our own history, the heritage of abandoned buildings and how do we transform our cultural traditions into the future without loosing our roots and values?

The theme of the conference gives space to reflect, to exchange knowledge and experience and to question our work and behaviour. And we will of course celebrate the 40th anniversary of the most beautiful cultural network in Europe – TRANS EUROPE HALLES!


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Impressions of the meeting

TEH Conference 95 in Leipzig


Industrial heritage
Many of our cultural centres are located in former industrial buildings. How do we deal with the history of these places? What is worth keeping present in the public memory? Do you developed your own or creative ways to deal with it?

Digitalisation in culture
Ditigalisation is one of the biggest challenges of the near future? What opportunities do we see for culture and what threats are there? How do we involve young people in our projects whose approach to information and culture is shaped by digital media?

We don’t need to say much about this – how can our cultural centres and our work help to tackle the climate crisis? What ideas and successful examples are there?

Global crises are leading to ever greater migration movements. Europe is becoming a continent of immigration. Our societies are becoming more and more diverse in every conceivable way. How do we deal with these changes, what influence does this have on our daily work?

And of course: 40 years of Trans Europe Halles!
Many of our cultural centres are as old as Trans Europe Halles or only slightly younger. What experiences can we pass on within the network to the new and young centres?

TEH #95 Live ON AIR: Building bridges through transnational dreams: 40 years of TEH presented by Sphere Radio

Sphere Radio presents a one-day live broadcast pop-up radio during the 40th anniversary of Trans Europe Halles network at Moritzbastei Leipzig. The event, headed under the theme ‘Dream, Believe, Transform” explores the Sprit, value and impact of TEH and the future of independent culture in Europe.

The program will feature interviews with ambassadors, founders, new members, and local artists discussing important topics in the cultural sector such as sustainability, mental well-being, inclusivity, diversity, nationalism and gender equality.

The discussions will be recorded and archived for future generations, accessible via the archives of TEH, Sphere Radio and all Co-Broadcasters.

Join us for an insightful and engaging program that captures the essence of Trans Europe Halles network, networks in general and the independent culture sector.

Find us live on the 9th of June from 10:00 am – 11:59 pm CET at Sphere Radio website.



Travel and Accommodation

We strongly encourage you to start planning your trip to Leipzig as early as possible. To help you navigate around the city and its travel and accommodation options, we made a detailed Travel and Accommodation Guide!

Sponsor your travel

We also remind you all about mobility grants within Culture Moves Europe scheme by the Creative Europe programme. You can apply for these grants throughout the whole year of 2023 to sponsor your travel and we encourage you to do that if you need financial support to come to Leipzig!

If you have any questions, please contact us at events@teh.net.